Quality embroidery digitizing

Digitizing of logos, patches, emblems, and patterns.

Toucanpunch.com provides premium quality embroidery digitizing service through a group of professional and talented embroidery digitizers and graphic designers who have been carefully selected and time-tested.

All the artworks are done by hand, not the automated software therefore, each logo is designed from the production point of view.

We use least node for vector and appropriate stitches density for embroidery, so that we can provide you with the designs with less jumps and trims, and your production runs smooth and quickly.
Machine embroidery:Tajima,Brother,Barudanamerica,Melco,Singerco,Zskusa,Pfaff,Janome,elna,bernina,baby lock
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Customer Embroidery digitizing!

We provide high quality Embroidery Digitizing at very low rates of $1.48 per 1000 stitches with min. of $12 up to 5099 stitches, and fast turn-around in 12-24 hours.  

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Quality digitizing makes a difference in a production run. Let us show you how our digitized embroidery designs can significantly improve your production efficiency and save you thousands of dollars annually.

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Digital Embroidery: Image Sources

Embroidery, the art of using needle, thread, yarn or other materials, such as sequins or pearls, to decorate fabric, historically was done solely by hand. While talented individuals continue to embroider by hand, machine embroidery which emerged in the early 1800s provided a way to mass produce embroidered products that resemble hand work. The advent and widespread application of the computer led to digital embroidery, which uses software to provide detailed directions to a sewing machine to duplicate a desired image. But, from where can you get an image? This article provides some common ways for finding your perfect image.(More Embroidery Digitizing)

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